Classic Holden Cars Owners Blogs

David Clark is a committed Classic Holden Car enthusiast. Follow his travels in his much loved 1966 Holden Special Station Wagon

David Clark on his HR Holden Special Station Travels

For more information on David’s travels go to his website, click on this link

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  1. I just bought a holden 1966 hr car and would like to rebuild it with all the original trimmings as possible , can someone please tell me how to get parts and trimmings and where it can be found.. i am from trinidad and tobago in the caribbean. please help. thanks morris.

  2. michael says:

    can someone help.i am looking at a hg ute its built 7/1971.interior codes are 1821-1ge.can someone tell me what interior this code has a green interior,looks premier to me.the bench is green with houndstooth cloth.

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