1966 HR Holden

HR Holden

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Holden HR

The popular HR HOLDEN

The popular HR HOLDEN

If you are a Classic Holden HR fan you will want to see this video and perhaps buy the DVD. It’s not everyday you find a song and music video about a HR Holden. Its by a band called The Bobkatz. They have a new single, ‘The Old HR’ complete with music video. It’s worth a listen. Robert Mackay & Garry Koehler make up The Bobkatz and are based in Hervey Bay, Queensland

For more great Bobkatz albums,click this link to their website https://www.thebobkatz.com/





Holden HR
The re-worked HR offered a sleeker, more modern profile, plusher cabin trimmings and improved performance. It pioneered the standard fitment of front seat belts, windscreen washers, padded sunvisors, exterior rear view mirror and shatterproof rearview mirror. It included the most powerful Holden engine so far, the 186S, the first automatic choke and the first 4-speed manual floorshift option. Limited slip differential was also optional.

Holden HR

1966 – 1968

Engine: 6 cyl.

Capacity: 161/186 6 cyl; 3.05 “X2

Power: 95kW (186)

Transmission: 3 & 4 spd man. & 2 spd Powerglide

Base price when new: $2,167.

Total built: 252,352.

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  1. Copey says:

    HR Premier the greatest Holden ever built.

  2. Snowy Robson says:

    There is another model left out as well as the FE and that is the 1965 HJ I’m not sure if that was the exact Letters for it but it still took it’s place in the history of Holden. I am producing a doco and if any one has any little titbits on Holden they’d like to share I’d like to here from you. [email protected]

  3. Snowy Robson says:

    Further to my previous comment it was the 1965 HD I was referring to, and is there mention of the other types of Holdens, as in the Gemini & Torana. Great job though

  4. New says:

    nice, my dad alyaws loved his 96 LT-1 Camaro SS, and I alyaws hated putting new plugs/wires and opti-spark on it. he just recently traded it in for a new Camaro SS though

  5. Kev Carr says:

    Can you help me find out some information about my Holden HR Premier it was built in Adelaide as it has an A on the firewall which I think indicate it was built in Adelaide. Also when it came off the assembly line and which dealership it was distributed to.

    Could you advise me of where I could fine this information.

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