1958 FC Holden

FC Holden

Rated Number (10)

Classic Holden Cars TOP TEN.


1958 FC Classic Holden

1958 FC Classic Holden

1958 FC Ute

1958 FC Ute

An improved version of the FE, with refinements to the engine, suspension and other components, which resulted in better driveability, smoothness and lower noise levels. A variety of changes to exterior trim and ornamentation included H-O-L-D-E-N letters across the bonnet front edge, diecast chrome fins on rear guards, additional chromework on Special side panels.

The drivers seating position was improved and the new steering wheel with a half horn ring (instead of the FE’s full ring) made for better visibility of the instruments. GM-H didn’t stop there, and added extra “hooding” around the instruments to help cut down on distracting reflections.

Holden FC

1958 – 1960

Engine: 6 cyl.

Capacity: 2262 cc

Power: 53 kW

Transmission: 3 spd. man


Base price when new: £1,110 ($2,220).


(included 500,000th Holden and 10,000th export Holden).

9 Responses to “1958 FC Holden”

  1. Phil Compton says:

    Is there a reason why you did not include the Holden FE model in your site???

  2. andy jacobi says:

    have a not bad condition tawney cover for a fc 58 ute my dad used to own, want to sell, anybody interested? make an offer

  3. Robert Dudgeon says:

    I also would ask why you left the FE out.

  4. Wayne Gibson says:

    Does anyone have information on a FC HOLDEN DELIVERY OR TRADESMAN WAGON.
    THIS VEHICLE HAS NO REAR SIDE DOORS OR BACK SEAT, LOOKS LIKE A WAGON & has a leather fold down front seat on the left hand side.
    Ps.. It is not a wagon that has been modified.

  5. darren says:

    Why is it so hard to get information on correct holden badge location and model identification.

  6. Peter says:

    I have 2 rear doors (left and right) for what I believe to be possibly FE from a deceased estate. They are in not bad condition with minimal rust, intact original glass, inside vinyl trim and external metal trim. Photos available. Cheers Peter

  7. chris Galea says:

    can some one tell me way my fe ute brakes get hot and lock have had it look at and fix 4 time but go on a good drive see gets hot and have have to to a a adgust all of and if i go up a hill see loss all power

  8. jason says:

    can any 1 tell me what colours paint code for 1958 fc holden sedan special
    id say paint 253-7773

  9. jason says:

    1958 fc holden special paint code 253-7773 can you tell me what colours they are

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