1961 EK Holden

EK Holden

Featured minor styling changes and mechanical improvements. Also introduced Holden’s first automatic transmission (the GM America-sourced three-speed Hydramatic) which was well-suited to the 2.26 litre engine, with performance and economy not far short of manual shift versions. Also featured three speed electric windscreen wipers, replacing the previous vacuum unit.

EK Holden Special

EK Holden Special

EK Holden Special

EK Holden Special

The Hydramatic transmission was available as an option only on the “Special”. The two commercial vehicles, the utility and panel van, remained almost identical to the previous model, the FB. The FB rear quarter panels and tail lights were carried over to the EK commercials.

EK Holden Ute

EK Holden Ute

Holden EK

Engine: 6 cyl.

Capacity: 2262 cc

Power: 75 bhp / 56kW

Transmission: 3 spd. man/ 3 spd. Hydramatic

Base price when new: £1,106 ($2,212).

Total built: 150,214

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