1969 HT Holden

HT Holden

HT Monaro

HT Monaro

Introduced the locally designed Aussie V8 – in 4.2 and 5.0 litre versions – to strong demand. It featured design changes such as wraparound rear light clusters, wider track, improved suspension, new instrument panel and wiper system and offered a 14-model selection (Monaro demand exceeded supply), a choice of five engines, four gearboxes, and a lengthy list of options, including a limited slip differential, Superlift shock absorbers, power steering, power windows, bucket seats, and air conditioning.

HT Sedan

HT Sedan

The 6 cylinder engine lineup remained unchanged, but Holden dumped the imported 5 litre 307 in favour of its two locally manufactured V8’s, the 253 and 308. The Chev 350 was retained for the GTS350.

The manual transmission incorporated a fully synchromesh 3 speed column shift rather than the earlier “find and grind” type used in earlier models.

Holden HT

1969 – 1970

Engine: 6 & 8 cyl.

Capacity: 161/186 6 cyl; 253/308/350 V8

Power: 95kW 186 & 188kW 327

Transmission: 3/4 spd man.; 2 spd. Powerglide


Base price when new: $2,326.

Total built: 183,402

6 Responses to “1969 HT Holden”

  1. bill says:

    i have a ht holden ute with the model code of 80480TR.
    Can you tell me what the TR means?
    The ute is a 308 kingswood fitted with the 308 and two speed powerglide. It is a one owner ute and the old guy that owned it told me it was a speacial build from GMH.
    Unfortunately he has no origonal paperwork.

    Any help???



  2. Peter says:

    The T stands for HT and the R is the first part of the factory of assembley code although R is not on the list I have
    HI thru H4 Brisbane
    H5 thru H9 Sydney
    J 1 thru J·9 Dandenong
    L 1 thru L 5 Adelaide
    l 6 thru L 9 Perth
    80480 is a Utility Kinswood with V8 engine

  3. Bill Ambaras says:

    I have a very early built HT premier with a factory 307 chev. Body No 14, built in Adelaide and used as a press release vehicle @ Warrick Farm raceway.
    Can you please advise, how many chev built HT prems were made and what the value of these rare cars would be worth today.
    Mines Monza Blue, with twilight blue interior with material inserts. Very nice combo.



  4. jason percival says:

    i am trying to chase down my ht Monaro’s chassis number would you know where I could get this information please would be appreciated thanks.

  5. Lisa lou says:

    I have an 186 holden red motor and transmission for sale where would i advertise it
    Was rebuilt

  6. Darren Small says:

    My son and i have been discussing rebuilding a car that he could then use as his 1st whenhe gets his license.
    I have found a HT 1969 kingswood that has been sitting in a garage for over 15 years. He does have a lot of spare parts and has already done all the suspenion.
    Basiclly the car needs a respray all parts that do have rust there are new pieces for, the enginge would obviously need a rebiuld aswell.

    He has thrown out a price that i am unsure of what the actual value would be. Can anybody help.

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