Price Guide For Classic Holden Cars

Values in this guide are from (August Edition) Australian Classic Car magazine and are only an indication of recent car prices at auctions, dealerships and private sales as at time of publication.

Key Price Categories

A – Excellent. Top-class vehicles, having undergone full or partial restorations, or first-quality, low-mileage originals.
B – Average. Complete vehicles in good condition considering age, mileage, etc. May only require a bit of work to be a first-class example.
C – Rough, Restorable. Essentially complete, basically sound vehicles, often registered and usable, making prime candidates for full or part restorations up to [A] or [B] standards, representing a worthwhile purchase.

HOLDEN 48-215 (‘FX’) sedan 1948-53
(A) $20000 (B) $8000-$15000 (C) $1500

HOLDEN EH sedan 1963-64
(A) $12000 (B) $7000-$10000 (C) $5000

HOLDEN EJ sedan 1963-63
(A) $10000-$12000 (B) $5000-$7000 (C) $3000

HOLDEN EJ/EH PREMIER sedan 1963-64
(A) $10000-$12000 (B) $5000-$7000 (C) $2000-$5000

HOLDEN FB-EK sedan 1960-62
(A) $10000-$12000 (B) $7000-$8000 (C) $5000-$6000

HOLDEN FC sedan 1958-59
(A) $10000-$12000 (B) $7000-$8000 (C) $5000

HOLDEN FE sedan 1956-58
(A) $10000-$12000 (B) $7000-$8000 (C) $5000

HOLDEN FJ sedan 1953-56
(A) $15000 (B) $4500-$7000 (C) $1000

HOLDEN HD sedan 1965
(A) $8000 (B) $2000 (C) $800

HOLDEN HR PREMIER sedan 1965-68
(A) $8000 (B) $3000 (C) $1000

HOLDEN HK/HT/HG MONARO sedan 1968-71
(A) $20000-$40000 (B) $8000-$15000 (C) $5000

HOLDEN HK/HT/HG/HQ sedan 1968-71
(A) $12000 (B) $8000 (C) $5000

HOLDEN HQ MONARO sedan 1971-74
(A) $20000-$30000 (B) $8000-$12000 (C) $3000-$5000

HOLDEN HR sedan 1966-68
(A) $5000 (B) $2000 (C) $900

14 Responses to “Price Guide For Classic Holden Cars”

  1. Evan says:

    What about utes? Could they be expected to sit in the same price range as HQ sedans?

  2. kaum says:

    Hi would like to know,Holden 1970 V8 Luxline
    Primere 380 original good condition what is the price tag

  3. Shannon says:

    Can you provide a price guide to a 1961 FB Holden utr please

  4. Nick says:

    Hi , i own a 1974 HQ Holden Belmont with a 202 low kilometer recon engine with stellite seat cylinder head as it was going to be converted to gas BUT never did ,the color of this car is Chrome Yellow it looks great ,with Brown upholstery. The car is still shiny with very minimal rust in a couple of the usual places as the doors were painted internally with grease many years ago , the upholstery is tired and mechanically it needs a kit through the steering box and intermediate shaft , this car is Straight and is ideally suited to some one who is skilled to do a full restoration and bring this appreciating Australian heritage vehicle back to new condition . Am guessing it is worth between $3000 and $5500 would like to sell it but not sure of what is a realistic and fair price ?????

  5. Nick says:

    Utes i know can be worth more as these old Holden’s are pretty much bullet proof and tradeis Love them …

  6. Lindsay Davis says:

    I served an apprenticeship in Fitting & Turning/Toolmaking at the Woodville plant S.A. commencing 1962, where cast iron dies were hand-crafted for production purposes. It may be of interest to learn how G.M.H. engineering arrived at it’s model descriptions on the early 50’s/60’s series. An alpha/numero system was formulated by that department as indicated below.

    AB CD EF GH JK (the letter ‘I’ was omitted).
    0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

    By linking the intended release date (which could only be approximate) with each corresponding letter, the classification of each model then became as follows:

    52-FJ, 56-FE, 58-FC, 59-FB, 61-EK, 62-EJ and 63-EH.

    As can be seen, there was no FX – it was simply a 48-215 (the 215 was Engineers coding for a Sedan), and there were similar follow-on numerals utilised for Utility, Station Sedan and Panel Van options. For tooling purposes, all dies produced in the Toolroom for an EH Sedan were therefore branded as ‘EH-215’ and so on.

    A different coding system was then devised for models HK onwards.

  7. damon says:

    Hr holden ambulance wagon value? Even rough estimate just need a guide as maybe doing a resto on one but unsure of what kind of money they are worth when complete.

  8. julian edwards says:

    what price would an urestored v8 hj monaro fetch has been half stripped for resto has original dash and other parts

  9. Christie says:

    Hi, I’m hoping that you can please help me out with how much I can get for my HT Ute wreak? As I am struggling to find any prices for it. Hopefully you can help me so I can sell it. Thank you, hope to hear from you asap.

  10. barry aherne says:

    looking for 60/61 holden sedan with still original inside, three on the tree, bench seat etc

  11. Brendan Takiari says:

    Hi i was just wanting to know if anyone could give me a idea on what a 1975 LH TORANA with a 173 red 6 with LX front end the rest is original it would be a category B with no rego would be worth.Thinking about selling but have no idea what it would be worth any info would be much appreciated thanks.

  12. Shannon says:

    Hi I am trying to find what I could get for my 1973 HQ 25th Anniversary Premier. It is in very good condition. Straight body, 202 Auto, king spring coils, interior has been

  13. Peter f says:

    Are these prices guides current? ie EK holden prices are for 2018?

  14. Steven says:

    I have a Holden 1935 master tourer. It is in excellent condition. Do you have an idea what the value would be? It currently has a Chevy 400 short block bored and stroked 30 over at 550 horse power.

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