1980 WB Holden

The WB model was released with the line-up to consisting of the Ute, Panel Van, Statesman Deville and Statesman Caprice.

The intended release of the WB was to be another facelift to the HQ/HJ/HX/HZ stable.

The intro of Radial Tuned Suspension increased popularity with the HZ.

WB Statesman

WB Statesman

WB Statesman

The extension of the roofline in the WB Statesman by 3 inches, improved the leg-room for rear seat passengers, with better head-room and even more boot space – even though the WB Statesman wheelbase was shorter than the HZ Statesman.

Minor revisions to the popular 5 litre 308  V8 and the equipment list now included the first cruise control fitted to a local car as standard, along with power windows, central locking, high-end audio system and leather upholstery.

WB Ute

WB Ute

Holden WB

1980 – 1985

Engine: 202 6 cyl.; 253/308 V8

Capacity:2840/5740 cc

Transmission: 3/4 spd man, 3 spd auto

Number Built: 59,031

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  1. John W Barry says:

    I am the proud owner of a 1982 tray back one tonne W.B. ute. Blue 202 motor original and un touched according to my mechanic. To prove his point he showed me where the blue paint from the tappet cover had run onto head and was still attached. January 2015 changing up to a 308 as the 202 with 390,000 is buggered. No 1 & 2 cylinders down to 135 psi, and the other 4 around 150, so time for a change. Love my ute, will never sell. John W Barry

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