Classic Holden Cars Fetch Big Money at Auction

The immortalized HK Holden Kingswood has set a new benchmark for Classic Holden Cars at a

recent motor vehicle auction in Melbourne.

HK Holden Kingswood

HK Holden Kingswood

The 41 year old White HK Series Holden Kingswood 253V8 sedan, converted to run on LPG, unregistered and with no reserve price, sold for a staggering $17,000.
The record price shows an increased value of 675% on its’ original new car launch price.
That’s not a bad result on the initial investment for an Australian built motor car.

To give you some idea of this amazing result, at the same auction, a 1970 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow sold for a mere $12,500. It would have cost a tad more than that when new!
No wonder the HK Holden Kingswood is one of the Classic Holden Cars

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  1. John Schofield says:

    I have a holden Rodeo Ute which is a 1996 Model, when can we join a holden vintage car club?

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