1953 FJ Holden

1953 Holden FJ
A much-celebrated Australian icon, the FJ ensured Holden’s place as the country’s most popular car. It was distinguished by a bold new grille, new hubcaps and a torpedo-style tail-light. Engine, power output and gearing remained unchanged. There were now three model levels: Standard, Business and the Special sedan – and a panel van joined the utility. Virtues included energetic performance, rugged dependability, low maintenance, unbeatable value.

FJ Holden

1953 FJ Holden

Production of FJ Holden clay model

FJ Holden ute

FJ Holden Panel Van

FJ Holden dash

Holden FJ

1953 – 1956

Engine: 6 cyl.

Capacity: 2160 cc

Power: 45 kW

Transmission:3 spd. man

Total built 169,969   Price when new $2046

6 Responses to “1953 FJ Holden”

  1. Donald McDonald says:

    Interesting to see FJ dashboard photo, is a styling exercise shot, a real pity it didn’t go into production, even back then the beancounters in Detroit, were making sure we received, a very basic product with minimal retooling required, between model updates, dont get me wrong I own a 1953/215 and love the early Holdenss

  2. sharon says:

    Hi, looking for 1953 fj beige colour ute owner we met it wollongong in may .. trying to find out the appolstorers details to get my cars interior done thanks

  3. Mark says:

    I was just wondering if anyone had a copy of a FJ Holden Panelvan specs picture. The one from factory that is printed in black and white withe the profile lines and measurements through the car. Heights, lengths etc. would be great to get a copy.
    Thanks Mark

  4. victor says:

    Today i saw a fj station wagon never seen on before

  5. chaz says:

    yeah I believe only 2 proto types were kept I think 1 was in Sydney

  6. tony says:

    really like the dashboard that wraps around were the radio is located does anyone what its off

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