1948 FX Holden

1948 FX Holden (48-215)

The 1948-215 FX Holden was a four-door, six-seater sedan, lightweight and durable, with a torquey 2.15 litre “grey engine”, chosen for its efficiency and durability. It offered exceptional performance and economy. With a top speed of over 80mph (130km/h) the Holden could cruise all day at 65mph (105km/h), take steep hills in its top-gear stride and typically return 30 miles per gallon (9.4l/100km). Aerobilt body construction, at the time a relatively new engineering principle, combined body and chassis into one all-steel unit.

1948 FX Holden Sedan (48-215)

FX Holden 48-215-1940s

FX 2.15 litre famous grey engine

FX Holden 2.15 litre famous grey engine

1948 FX Holden Ute

1948 FX Holden Ute

1951 FX Ute and sedan (48-215)

1951 FX Ute and sedan (48-215)

Holden 48/215 FX

1948 – 1953

Engine: 6 cyl.

Capacity: 2160 cc

Power: 60 bhp

Transmission: 3 spd. man


BASE PRICE (when new) £733 ($1466)


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  1. Kevin Darke says:

    Hi, I am writing a novel. It is a work of fiction roughly based on a true story. I need to obtain a detailed description of the FX ute braking system, how it works and what might cause a serious
    brake failure thru lack of maintenance. It will only be a paragraph or two but the detail is important as far as factual content goes. can you help or point me in the right direction?
    thanks Kevin

  2. mark says:

    hey kev the master cyclinder is right under the driverside, back of the firewall, n sticks out a bit, and if extremly unlucky coud be hit by a rock.

  3. David says:

    Hi. Just wondering where you got the illustration of the FX Holden from? (FX Holden 48-215-1940s).

  4. katrina says:

    hey just wonderind if anyone knows what type of windscreen it has?

  5. trevor says:

    looking for rough value of a fx ute . needing to be restored . just asak rought idea plz

  6. scott says:

    dose any one know when the 48-215 holden changed the position of the rear door locks I have a care with the rear door locks at the rear of thre door

  7. greg says:

    This model is only referred to as the fx but is the 48-215

  8. Guido Capone says:

    What would a fully restored (A class) 48-215 be worth today ?

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